June 10, 2008

twanslate – translator for Twitter. Follow @twanslate and send them a direct message with the text you want translating and the country code, e.g. “d twanslate fr the monkey is in the tree”. Twanslate will Tweet you back the translation by direct message. They claim to support: English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. I’ve not used this myself so not sure if it’s as smart as it sounds.


One comment

  1. Twanslate is no longer up, but you can do the same thing WITHOUT having to follow anyone using TweeTrans (http://tweetrans.com) You send an @reply instead, so no need to follow. Your translation is replied back. See the site for correct usage. Also, you can send a Tweet directly from the site in over 42 languages!

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