Twithey 1.0

July 24, 2008

Twithey 1.0 – looks like a bit of a geek-fest, and I really have no clue about this one, so I shall simply quote:

“Twithey is a lame little idea that popped into my head one day that I couldn’t let go of – a Twitter client that runs on the command line in a manner not unlike the famous Redbrick/Netsoc/everywhere-else command hey, with the ability to check your timeline using something like “heylog” (as far as I know this command only works in the TCD Netsoc hey, but it does what it sounds like), send regular tweets with a single command and direct messages with a similar command. The software is “very beta” at the moment and the code desperately needs cleaning and optimisation, but if I ever bother myself or if I get feedback I’ll fix things up a bit.”


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