This collection started off as a post on my blog lo-fi librarian. It quickly got out of hand and a bit messy, so I thought a blog format, where each entry could be assigned to multiple categories, would be more appropriate than a static list. I suppose another advantage is that the comments fields can allow for users to post reviews, or application makers to correct or expand upon my explanations.

If you have any suggestions for inclusion then drop me an email.



  1. Thought you may be interested in a new twitter app/site we have just launched..

    Twitplus is built on top of twitter and allows the sharing of files, pictures and videos – either privately (Secured by twitter username & passwords) or publically.


  2. Hi Dan, already included http://twitterapps.co.uk/2008/04/05/twit/

  3. Hi,

    Mobypicture is about to relaunch and I though it should be listed here as well (couldn’t find it :) )



  4. We made haikuvillage.com available this weekend. You write twitter updates in the form of haiku, and we enforce 5-7-5 syllables as you type.

  5. Do you know http://www.twitterpark.com ?

  6. TwitHire: Tweet Job Board

    TwitHire is a free job board service for Twitter. TwitHire allows employers to promote job opportunities to the Twitter community by simply tweeting.


  7. Please check out http://www.mysidekick2.com it runs on top of twitter to give twitter event based / group functionality.

    Social Developers

  8. We just launched FutureTweets.com, a nice little Twitter app that let’s you schedule your updates.

    Would be cool if you could include us in the list.


  9. Please check out TwitExplorer.com, a full featured Twitter web client running from the cloud which allows you to better manage your friends and followers and quickly expand your network and online visibility.


  10. Hi,

    There is yet another Twitter app for Java-enabled phones called uTweetMe:
    It’s quite simple and can only post updates, nothing more.


  11. Hi,Just wanted to drop you a quick note to see if you would be interested in adding my Twitter app to your list? It is tweetmart.com, a classifieds for
    Twitter. It is a free an easy way to buy and sell “stuff” on Twitter.

    Thanks so much for your time.


  12. Find companies on twitter easily in the Twit4 company directory. Twit4 enables companies to organize business-related twitter accounts all in one spot.

  13. I’ve been playing with physics based representations of timelines at http://twampoline.com/lounge, or look at the screenshots on http://AdamJTP.com

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