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October 6, 2008

Twitly – group your friends and followers.



July 22, 2008

tweetparty – group your friends and message them all in one go.



July 5, 2008

TweetDeck – desktop client with a difference. As well as letting you Tweet and read Tweets, TweetDeck also lets you group the people you are following and set up searches so that you receive Tweets matching your selected terms as they appear. Your stream, relies, groups and searches are all displayed in seperate columns making everything very easy to find. The groups feature seems to be the most interesting, although at the time of writing TweetDeck wasn’t displaying all the people in my friends list.

NB – found via @corvida – the TweetDeck blog explains the friends list issue.



May 21, 2008

Tweeq – discover your Twitter cliques or Tweeqs. Not sure how it figures it out though. @emp: “Tweeq crawls your following/follower network to find what mathematicians call “complete subgraphs” in the social graph.”


April 11, 2008 – currently in Alpha with a warning not to expect too much. Create a crowd or group. Group members are displayed all on one (quite attractive) page with their latest Tweets.


PeopleBrowsr for Twitter

April 10, 2008

PeopleBrowsr for Twitter – “make Twitter awesomer!”

* Send tweets
* See all your Twitter friends, tag and sort them
* Meet Twitters and people living in your area or sharing your interests and chat or WebCam with them
* Show to people your blog, Flickr, YouTube account, Facebook profile and more
* Keep en eye on Twitters and what they are doing
* Be selective about who can see things about you
* Post once to all your online presences.


Group Tweet

April 6, 2008

Group Tweet – direct message groups of Twitter users.