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LastFM Love/Twitter Mashup

October 5, 2008

LastFM Love/Twitter Mashup – “any track that you ‘love’ on lastfm will automatically generate a tweet from you that has the track’s artist and name, as well as a link to it so your followers can give it a listen.”


Tune Tweeter

July 22, 2008

Tune Tweeter – posts what you’re playing on iTunes to Twitter. Note – see the ‘Requisite Public Service Announcement’ as the developer says this could generate mo’ Tweets than you bargained for.



May 6, 2008

WiiiZZZ – listen to tracks that have been shared on Twitter. “WiiiZZZ.COM is a fun way to discover what Twitter users have been listening to and have been sharing on WiiiZZZ aggregates these tracks and display them randomly allowing you to discover new tracks every day!”



April 6, 2008

TwittyTunes – Firefox extension that works in conjunction with Foxy Tunes. Tweet the songs you are listening and also websites you are browsing.