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January 4, 2009

Twitemperature – Find out how hot you are. How does it work it all out? “We poll your last several hundred tweets and score what you’re saying against what everyone else is saying in current hot conversations on Twitter and elsewhere.”


Twitter League

October 5, 2008

Twitter League – “Have a group of users and want to see who has more followers? Well now you can with TwitterLeague.” And that’s about it.



July 20, 2008

TwitterBash – post your favourite Tweets to TwitterBash and they can be rated by others (votes are registered as Karma). Also provides code for you to embed Tweets.



July 7, 2008

DivVoted – share your fave sites on Twitter. Follow @divvoted then cast your vote and reason, e.g. “@divvoted there are no words”.



June 18, 2008

Twisky – search Tweets by user or by keyword or both. Includes a Twitter Hall of Fame with all the usual suspects.


Tweet Lists

June 1, 2008

Tweet Lists – charting links on Twitter. Lists include: popular links, links with reach and links posted by “Twitterati” (Twitterers with a huge following). You can also view a live stream.


Tweet Smart

June 1, 2008

Tweet Smart – intended as a ‘best of the web’, relying on Twitterers to post links of interest. Follow @twsm and post to Tweet Smart using the following format “d twsm category type your message here”. So far categories include:

  • mortgage
  • realestate
  • finance
  • web
  • tools
  • technology
  • fun
  • news
  • entertainment
  • events